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Stephanie with her daughter, Zoe, in 2007.

Stephanie Vasofsky, March 19, 1979 – January 11, 2008 (with her daughter, Zoe)

On Monday April 16, 2007, Stephanie went to her OBGYN and found out she had a cervical polyp that needed to be removed surgically, or so we thought. She went to have outpatient surgery that Friday and the biopsy came back cancer. The following Tuesday, she saw an oncologist who determined it was stage 3B cervical cancer and that the tumor was already pushing into her left kidney. Wednesday, she saw a radiologist and Thursday she was fitted for her radiation cast and getting marked for treatments. She then had a PET scan that indicated the cancer cells might be in her lymph nodes up to the left shoulder. That Friday another oncologist confirmed those results.

During her battle with cancer Stephanie never lost her faith or sight of what was important. She said, “We will only get through this battle with Jesus on our side. My desire for all of my friends and family is to put me on prayer lists and plead with the Lord to give me the strength to climb over this wall I have recently encountered in my life. I have too much to live for, a sweet husband, Randy, a precious 18-month-old baby girl, Zoe, and a ton of friends and family who have already shown their love and support for me.” With all the bad news Stephanie received she was still determined that her experience with this ugly thing called cancer would make a difference. After many conversations with family and friends, Stephanie knew she wanted to start a foundation to raise money for education on HPV, Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccinations.

Stephanie went through many rounds of chemo, radiation, blood transfusions and surgeries but it was not enough. She was able to see her precious baby girl, Zoe celebrate her 2nd birthday. She fought long and hard. Stephanie’s body yielded to cancer but her spirit will forever live in each life she touched.

For more information on her battle with cervical cancer, please click here to visit Stephanie’s Caring Bridge site.


The main vision of our foundation is education. We are finding that so many people do not know nor understand HPV, the causes, the symptoms, and the dangers it could impose on the body. We have found that many do not know the link between HPV and cervical cancer. We are wanting to uncover the facts and information of HPV as well as vaccines that can prevent it. Our goal is to educate about Cervical Cancer, what causes it, and what can be done to prevent it. We know that education is key to saving our loved ones from this very preventable disease.

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