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Stephanie Vasofsky March 19, 1979 – January 11, 2008

January 11, 2010

A post from caringbridge written by Stephanie’s mom……

2 years…..f​or Stephanie it has been but the flutter of an eyelash but for us it has seemed an eternity. 2 years…..w​hat all has happened in these 2 years? If I could just talk to my child this morning I would tell her about her precious Zoe, what a beautiful little girl she has become and how proud she would be of her “pretty pretty princess”. I would tell her she is so sweet and she has her mommy’s wonderful love for life, that she laughs with that same little giggle and that she and Cassidy love and protect each other. I would tell her that Zoe is so smart and that she does very well in her pre-K classroom. But I would have to laugh and tell her that she also has her mommy’s athletic ability at this point in her life….non​e:>) I would let her know that Randy seems to be happy right now, that he enjoys his health and his work and that he is moving forward with his life. I would let her know that her little brother is happy again, that he misses her desperately but works hard to share her story with others. I would also have to laugh as I tell her that Cassidy is just like her daddy, very outgoing, meets no strangers and is always so funny. Steph would be so proud of Kristen and Melissa for their hard work fulfilling her dream of the Foundation and sharing with others the story of her journey and the vaccine that can prevent any other daughter, wife, mother, sister or friend from having to walk in Steph’s footprints.​ I would reach out and hug my child, kiss her on the forehead and tell her how much Danny and I love her and that even though we miss her so very much that we are proud of her fight, her faith and the life that she lived for our Lord. If I could only talk to my child……..​but today is going to be a day of celebrating Stephanie’s life for me. I am sad but I am not down. I know that she is with Jesus and that she is living life to the fullest, walking the streets of gold, basking in His Glory and singing with the angels. When we lose a friend or loved one these days , we take comfort knowing that Steph is probably sitting at the Pearly Gates to welcome them Home. We laugh often thinking about the things she is probably doing in Heaven. I tell Zoe often about her mommy and just how much her mommy loved her and I tell her stories about her mommy and how she did the same things Zoe is doing. Cassidy tells us when we go to “feed the ducks” at the cemetary, which we often do as a family, that she sure misses her Aunt Steph…..s​he remembers her and the love Steph had for her There are times that Zoe will curl up and ask me questions about her mommy…..i​t is hard at times, but I take great comfort knowing where my child is. Enjoy this day, take a minute to remember the journey that Steph took and the way that she took it. Remember the faith, the smile, her love for each of you and remember that our family can never repay the kindness that you showed us. Continue to pray for us as we go forward in life and know that we pray for each of you every day. As March approaches, don’t forget the walk……i​f you have not visited the http://www.feeltea​ website in a while, please do so and register early for Steph’s walk… is a wonderful way to raise funds for the Foundation but it gives us a chance to see, hug and visit with each other, something we miss doing very much today. From our family to each of you…we love you and we thank God for each of you being in our lives.

St​eph and Tad’s loving mom

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